JTK How to kill a rails server, who is working as a deamon?

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$rails s , command has a -d (detach) option to let run your application run as a daemon and to stop this process you need to kill the process. Given below is a small shell command that will find the process id of our rails application and kill it for us.

The meaning of the above command is to find the process id of the process which is running in portnumber 3000 and send to it the KILL signal.

A handy little command, which has not technical importance, but nice to know.

Issued in the interest of new and novice programmers.. 🙂

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How to test drive rails 4?

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As you all know, almost everyone in the rails or ruby community is excited about the upcoming rails 4 and its exciting features. For those who wish to try out the latest release of Rails 4, can do so by following these simple steps

Clone the latest code:

move into that directory and install all the dependencies of rails cd rails bundle install cd ../

Now lets create a new rails 4 application ruby rails/railties/bin/rails new APPNAME –dev

All finished, now to run your rails application as usual cd APPNAME bundle install bundle exec rails s —-


For migrating your rails application from Rails 3 to Rails 4 contact info@redpanthers.co

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