React JS for modern web applications

React JS for modern web applications

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React JS is a JavaScript Framework which indent to make large, single page scalable applications. It is not like Angular or backbone or other JavaScript framework. React JS is only deals with view and not with model and controller. React JS is also compatible with backbone, so we can use backbone, React JS combination to get full MVC framework. React is intended to help developers build large applications that use data that change over time. Its goal is to be simple, declarative and composable.

Why React JS

Before answering this question, I want to tell its history, this will give slight idea ‘Why React”, React JS is created by Facebook, it is an open source project maintained by Facebook and 100+ other contributors. React JS is used in Facebook and popular photo sharing website Instagram. React JS is a User Interface library.

React use Virtual DOM instead of Real DOM, This help us to create more Fast and Scalable web applications. One of the main attractions is, React JS is reusable components, HTML elements are reusable components in React, and we can use same for other places. Another features are high speed Virtual DOM, Browser independent …

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