Setting Up RSpec in Rails Application

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This article describes the RSpec setup process in your Rails application.

Installing RSpec

When generating a new Rails project, just add the flag –skip-test-unit to supress creation of the test directory associated with the default Test::Unit framework as won’t be needing that.

In the Gemfile, add:

RSpec-Rails has a dependency to RSpec, so we don’t need to include it separately.

Yeah, we need it in development env too. Let’s see why :

  • The development mode RSpec files add RSpec-specific generators
  • Test mode includes files to run the tests

Once you have run bundle install, Run this snippet to configure Rails to use RSpec in place of Test::Unit rails generate rspec:install

This single command would generate you 4 new files :

We’ll cover more in detail regarding those later.

Updating the test database

Check for pending migrations and load the test schema rake db:test:prepare

N.B Preparing your test database

Run your test suit


Yup, Its simple as that… 🙂

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