Debugging and how to ask questions.

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Answers… Answers that’s what you need whenever you are stuck in a problem, either technical problems or any other kind. Here, we will consider how to get answers for our technical problems. The kind of answers you get to your technical questions depends on the way you ask your questions. So,here we will see how to ask technical questions.

By asking technical questions in the correct manner you will get answers from more experienced users. Those who reply to your questions take time out of their busy schedule,at times it is overwhelmed.So they filter accordingly as per their knowledge. Our responsibilty is to prepare questions in a manner that we be able to get the answers we are looking for, in short precisely and smartly.

Before you ask

These are some things that you should do before you go out with your questions, so that you may not goof up.

1. Try finding your answer by searching the archieves of the forum.
2. Find your answer by searching web.
3. Read the manual.
4. Go through FAQ.
5. Inspect or experiment.
6. Consult a skilled source.
7. Explore the source code.

While you ask your question, display the fact that you have done the …

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