3 Most useful Jquery Slider/Carousel plugins

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Why should we we use Javascript in our application?, HTML and CSS is enough to make websites. In this article i like to familiarize 3 jquery slider plugins. Why should i use Javascript, In my view Javascript is a beautiful client side language to manipulate DOM in different ways, which is merely impossible using our CSS. Lets assume i have 20 images in my website, I can either show this all 20 as thumbnails, but how can i show its in big resolution or i can show all images in its maximum resolution but this will increase page length. We can use jQuery sliders to solve this problem, We will have navigation buttons or thumbnails to see different images without consuming too much space.

I have used many slider/carousel plugins, 3 of them are best for me, they are free and easy to use.

1) Slick Slider

Most popular and free  jQuery slider with lots of functions and callbacks. This will be the first choice for all frontend developers when they need some slider functions.

Slick Slider

Slick Carousel – most used jquery …

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